Another One From Yesterday's Creative Session

Just a little something I made for my Mom....although I admit, I saw a similar card somewhere using the flourishes in my travels, just not sure where or I would give the appropriate credit.

(Oh and can you tell I haven't cleaned off my stamp desk in a bit....I tend to keep using the same paper/colour combinations until I'm tired of them. I suppose in some ways that's a good thing!)
It's a criss cross card, and you can find the instructions to make
your own in the SCS Resources section (click here to jump there). These cards are pretty cool to make, but be prepared, you will use a lot of paper! One of the things on my to-do list though is to figure out how to modify the pattern so that I could make the whole thing stand up for display......has anyone got a template for something like that? The criss-cross envelope is just too cute not to show off!