Melanie turns 6!

Today is an exciting day at our house since my 'baby' is 6 years old. My how time flies! She is super excited (of course), we gave her some presents this morning and we will celebrate with cake and family tonight. About 2 or 3 years ago, we started taking photos of her like this one holding up her fingers....this picture isn't the best quality though since the batteries are just about dead in the camera, and the flash didn't go off so that's kind of unfortunate. I will try again later once the batteries are charged. I think that a few years down the road it'll be nice to make a scrapbook layout with these photos - it'll be kind of neat I think to her grow up over time all on the same page. Oh, and you can see from the picture that I never did get that birthday card made and resorted to the store-bought kind....bad mommy!