Not quite the way I intended

Have you ever sat down to make something and had a fabulous idea in your head (or so you thought), and then things just didn't go as planned? Well that's exactly what happened here. Here's the summary:

    1. The card started out 5" x 7" --- now it is 4" x 4" (enough said?)
    2. The plan was to use at least 2 different patterned papers --- now there is only 1.
    3. The pink that you see is actually the THIRD pink that I tried to match to these papers, and I'm still not 100% satisfied with the result.
    4. The flower started out as a whole flower --- that is until I sliced it.
    5. I started out making a card for my daughter's birthday, and well, it's not.

    Let's just say that this took WAY too long, and I'm not overly pleased with the result. Several times during this process, I told myself to just give it up, but I had so much time invested that I needed to carry on so I could at least say that I accomplished something more than basic frustration.

    Part of the problem I think is that I don't work well with bright colours. I tend to be more comfortable with a more muted/subtle palette. Funky and fun (which I often associate with the brights) is not typically my style. But, since this was for my daughter (initially), those colours would speak to her so I was willing to give it a try. Would I do it again? In a word, undecided.