Happy Valentine's Day!

I had a stamp class last night, and in commemoration of the big day we made this lovely 'LOVE' card. I can't take the credit for design, as I lifted it (almost in it's entirety) from closetomyheart.com. It is a card featured on their home page for February. As soon as I saw it though, I fell in love (pardon the pun). What drew me to it the most was the soft colours --- definately not your traditional Valentine's Day scheme of pinks and reds. And the heart itself....I think is gorgeous! (Just when I thought I had all the heart stamps I would ever need.....) You can't tell from the picture, but the heart is adhered with foam squares so it's got some dimension. The only thing that I didn't duplicate from the original was a little tag with 'xoxo' hanging from the heart. Because the card had quite a few pieces already and I was working with a large group, I eliminated this piece.