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This layout is proof positive that I don't scrapbook chronologically. I was organizing some pictures last week, and I came across these three shots of my son when he was about 10 months old that had yet to make it to the album. For the record he is now 7 1/2 years old!. As soon as I saw them, I chuckled because I remembered the day like it was yesterday. He was so mischevious back then (and is still somewhat). For me, it was also the perfect example of why we take pictures in the first place -- to 'remind' us of days gone by. So when I asked myself why these hadn't yet made it to the album, the answer came to me quite simply. I didn't have enough photos to make a 2-page layout so they stayed in the box. Back then when I scrapbooked, I felt that I needed 2-pagers in order to have continuity in my album. I just couldn't get past the thought that the facing page would be a different theme and perhaps a different colour scheme. Today, things are different. I am willing to scrap single page layouts - and I enjoy doing so. In some respects it's easier then working with a double page spread -- quite simply, there is less of a canvas to work with. I am so glad that I've loosened up my thinking on this! (Sorry the pic is a bit blurry).