Happy Mother's Day and a Quick Share

Since Mother's Day is over (almost) and the gifts have been given, I thought I would share the gift I made for my mom. I've not posted art in some time now, but that has been in part because much of my free time was spent creating this -- a Tribute book about my grandparents.

When my grandmother passed away, I scooped up a box of old photos with the intention of putting them into a scrapbook. More than 10 years has passed now, and I've finally done it, although not quite the way I intended. Simply seeing the Tribute template on Shutterfly however was enough to spur my into action. I had 2 copies of the book printed, one for my mom and the other for my aunt. They were both thrilled and extremely surprised. The added bonus of this project is that the photos are now digitized, with no fear of further degradation.

The book was really easy to put together using a template on Shutterfly, and the quality of the printed material is just awesome! If you haven't tried this service I highly recommend it -- the service is wonderful, and delivery fast. I ordered the book on the 30th of April and it arrived here on May 8 -- excellent turnaround for an international order. Have a peak and let me know what you think!

Click here to view this photo book.

{Note: If you actually take the time to read any of the text, you'll see a bunch of xx's where dates and places should be. I've done this intentionally on my shareable version for privacy reasons.}