A Quick Share as I Prepare a Donation Basket

I was sorting through my card file today, which contains both swap cards and those that I've made myself over the years and came across these two, which I thought I would share. (These are indeed made by me in case you were wondering). You see, I am taking the a basket of cards to my grandfather's retirement home and suggesting that they place it at the front desk for the residents to 'pilfer' when/if they need to give a card and perhaps can't get out on their own to buy one. So far the basket has about 80 cards in it, and I have only included those that are spring/summer like -- mostly Thank-Yous, Birthday and the all-occasion variety. If the residents adopt the idea, I will refill the basket for them come fall, and at that time of course will include some seasonal items too. I hope that none of my swap sisters are offended by my doing this as I do recognize that it takes a great deal of time and effort to create cards for swaps. I am taking no credit for the creation of the basket contents - and if your name was one the back of the card when I received it, it is still there today. I have not modified them in any way. I just thought that making these available to the aged was a nice way of clearing some of them from my space. As I said, so far the basket contains about 80 cards, and that is not even close to the amount that I have made, collected, and saved over the last few years. If you are distraught by my decision, accept my apologies and please email me and will exclude your creations from my next basket fill.