Template Tuesday - Mini Book

I haven't got a Wishblade file for you today but I do have a template for a really cute 6-page mini-book. I've been hunting and hunting for the book that I made using this pattern, but so far haven't had any luck. Sorry about that. When I find it, I'll add it, but for now you can have the template/instructions. The pages are small (3" x 4.5"), but It's a great size for a brag book or something similar to that. In fact, it would be a nice size for all those wallet size photos of family friends that you might collect. Or, it could be a great little place to store your favourite quotes or inspirational thoughts. I can't give credit to the original creator of this project as unfortunately I haven't the foggiest who that is. I have had this template in my stash for eons, and I prepped an instructional file last year and used it as a workshop guide. You can download that file here. I did see a great tutorial (with a neat sample) at Booth #32 for this project back in January, and she has included some great pictures for you to follow if you'd prefer to have some visual cues. Don't forget that I'd love to see what you wind up creating, from this file as well as any others that I upload. Just drop my an email, or leave a comment here on my blog and let me know where to look. Enjoy!