Cupcake Art?

With no paper art to share today, I thought I would post this pic. This, is what happens when you give a 9-year old boy a cupcake and a few bags of icing to play with.

We celebrated my son's birthday on Wednesday with his friends from school. He actually doesn't turn 9 until next month, but last year we tried to do the summer birthday and well, let's just say we failed. It was next to impossible to get a hold of most of the people from his class that he wanted to invite -- so this year, we decided to be proactive.
It was awesome! I booked a Junior Chef Party at 'Upstairs' at Fortinos - a local grocery store. The boys got to make pizzas and decorate cupcakes, eat nachos and salsa, and play games. Our party planner, Shelley, entertained the kids between courses, and everyone had a fantastic time. The boys had an absolute blast 'in the kitchen'. Here's a few more pic so you can truly appreciate how much fun we had.
For those of you who are local, I highly recommend this venue and party plan. It was probably the easiest birthday party I've ever thrown for my kids in terms of how much work was required from me and was probably one of the least expensive too! Aside from creating the invitations, all I really needed to do was show up! Fortinos looked after the rest!
Have a great weekend everyone!