The Butterfly Project @ Craft Critique

Now I know that many of you are celebrating this weekend, but if you get a moment, pop on over to Craft Critique for the details on the Butterfly Project. The Holocaust Museum of Houston is trying to collect 1.5 million hand-crafted butterflies for an exhibit scheduled for Spring 2012.

The Butterfly Project posts started July 1 with an introduction to the cause and there's been several great tutorials to inspire you posted each day since. The posts will continue through Monday I believe so be sure to check back often.
Now go! Get crafty and create some butterflies and be sure to send them to Craft Critique for inclusion in the box we plan to send to the Museum. The deadline for your deliveries is September 15, so you've got plenty of time!
And oh....the butterflies in the pic above were created by my 7-year-old daughter at school this year. She's excited to send her creations to Craft Critique. Get your kids involved!