Last Night Was Too Fun!

Despite the fact that last night was a school night, and the kids were out way later than they should have been.  I had a blast (and so did they!).  You see, we heard from a friend that they were filming 'Coin Flip' at the Rockwood Conservation Area which is about an hour from home.  AND that 'Coin Flip' is actually the 'pseudonym' for CAMP ROCK 2.

Now let's be honest, my kids are HUGE Camp Rock fans.  They have watched the movie literally dozens of time, and we own the soundtrack and the DVD of course.....so I couldn't pass up the opportunity to see if we could get a peak at the set.

So - off we went (with my friend of course who is the seasonal camper - {Thanks T.})  When we arrived in Rockwood - this is what we saw.

Yup - these 4 (recognize them?) were doing an impromptu acoustic concert whilst atop an SUV.  Cool eh?  The kids were pumped!  The crowd was screaming and crazy (mostly teenage girls of course), and it was just fun.  Unfortunately we got there late and only saw about 5 minutes of it, but it was definately worth it.

Once the crowd dispersed, we made our way into the Campground and with some determination and a little friendly chatter with a few security guards (this place was pretty heavily guarded), we did manage to see the set.  We couldn't take any pictures though, which was totally a bummer, but the kids thought it was super cool that they were standing in a place that they would eventually see in a film.

They have built 5 cabins on the beach at Rockwood, have lined up some canoes and Muskoka chairs, built a cool campfire circle and so on.  It was pretty cool if I do say so myself.

We spent quite a while talking to one of the Production Assistants - and while I'm not sure that I would want his job, he does get to meet some pretty cool people.  The PA told us about some of the other sets in the area  too {apparently something to do with a rather large piano on the big rock} and that sounds like it might make for a pretty cool movie scene.

They are filming at Rockwood for a little longer, and then moving up North to film additional scenes at at least one 'camp' location, then they'll be returning to Rockwood for just a day or two near the end of the month.  And that....as they say in the business would be a 'wrap'.

So if you've read this far, thanks for sticking around.  I know this has nothing to do with scramping, but I just had to put it out there.  But most importantly, thanks again T. for inviting us to come along.  You Rock!