An Updated List of Items for Sale

Here is an updated list of what I have for sale -- I've added more items, and stroked out the ones that are sold.

All of these items are brand new, in original packaging.  Let me know (pop me an email) if you're interested in anything and I can find out how much it would cost to ship it to you if necessary.  Prices listed here do no include shipping and are quoted in Canadian dollars.

Everything listed here today is CTMH - as I do more cleaning and if people continue to be interested, I'll list other things also.

$4 CTMH Inks (brand new) - newer style pads
  • Z2150 Sunflower
  • Z2157 Vineyard Berry (2 available)
  • Z2110 Buttercup
  • Z2116 Cranberry
  • Z2140 Outdoor Denim
  • Z2160 Twilight
$12 Stamp Sets (all are CTMH):
  • D1210 Moments
  • D1176 Youthful Heart
  • D1269 Endless Love
  • D1177 No Peeking
  • D1186 Rustic Flowers
  • D1242 Doodle Alphabet (2 available)
  • D1377 Around the Block
$10 Stamp Sets (all are CTMH)
  • C1184 Frogs (tentatively sold)
  • C1239 Vintage Father's Day (2 available)
  • C1234 Simple Stitches
  • C1270 Pure Love
$7 Stamp Sets (all are CTMH)
  • B1191 Thoughtful Scripts
  • B1090 Geometric Thoughts
$5 Stamp Sets (CTMH)
  • A1088 Lazy Days
$6 CTMH Level 2 Paper Packets
  • X7078B Cutie Pie
  • X7057B Building Blocks
  • X7058B Precious Paisley (2 available)
  • 7003B Winter
  • X7084B Floral Tapestry
$5 CTMH Level 1 Paper Packets
  • X7065A Rustic Trail b 
  • 7006A Baby Boy
$4 CTMH My Stickease (4-sheet packs)
  • X7070C Simple Pleasures
  • X7084C Floral Tapestry (2 available)
  • X7078C Cutie Pie
  • X7070C Simple Pleasures
  • $6 Cocoa Cafe Collection CTMH - includes 24 double sided sheets 12x12 paper plus 6' Cocoa Ribbon (2 available)
  • CTMH Dimensional Elements Slide Frames $2
  • CTMH A1088 Lazy Days Stamp set with Coordinating stickers $7
  • CTMH B1211 Reminders Stamp set with Coordinating stickers $9
  • CTMH X8614 Holiday Photo Greetings My Originals Card Kit $6
  • CTMH Stamp Organizers (4 available) $5
  • CTMH Sunflower Ink
  • CTMH Topiary Ink
Now keep in mind that all of these items are brand new, so would make great gifts!  Nothing is damaged, all stamp sets are unused, and all paper packs etc. are complete.  Happy Shopping!