Custom Coloured Brads

Do you find yourself surrounded by drawers full of brads - every colour of the rainbow - that you have purchased to use one or two a specific project and then not used the rest of the package? Wouldn't it be easier (and less expensive) if you could create your own brads in the colour of your choice? Believe it or not, there are a couple of ways you can do this.
Method 1: Add colour to your brads with permanent markers! Tools Required:

  1. Silver brads in desired size.
  2. Permanent markers like those by Sharpie which are archival quality.

How To:

Simply choose the colour marker you would like to use and start colouring...its' that easy!

Method 2: Add colour with Embossing Powder and a Heat Gun

Tools Required:

  1. Silver brads in desired size.
  2. Clear ink like Versamark by Tsukineko
  3. Embossing Powder in desired colour.
  4. Craft heater
  5. Craft Tweezers

How To:

  1. Holding your brad with tweezers, ink up the heat of the brad with clear ink.
  2. Dip the brad head in embossing powder, covering the head completely but being careful not to get powder on the tweezers or the brad posts.
  3. Turn on your craft heater and allow it to warm up for a few seconds.
  4. Heat the brad just until the powder melts.
  5. Allow the brad to cool - then use it on your project!

On the card below, I created 'Sunny Yellow' brads to coordinate with my papers and spiral clip.

Hints and Tips: Place a foam pad under your project and use a push-pin to make a pilot hold for your brad. This will make it easier to set the brad on your layout or card!

Once you had a chance to try this, email me a pic or scan or your work, and I'll post it to my blog!

Have Fun!

Stamp Credit: Close To My Heart