It's THAT time of year!

Scrapbook message boards everywhere and manufacturer websites are abuzz! The CHA Summer 2006 Convention and Trade show was held in Chicago last weekend, and there was new product premiered from practically every manufacturer! Product from the show will hit your local store shelves over the next couple of months. Stampin' UP launched their new catalogue recently, and Close To My Heart launches the Fall/Winter Idea Book September 1, so the direct sales companies are right on cue too with new stuff. This is definately an exciting time of year for this industry. (Check back to my blog as we get closer to the September 1 CTMH launch date, as I'll be updating you on what's new for Fall then!) So what's your favorite new item? What is the one that you absolutely have to have? I've been 'blogging' around and came up with my top three:

  1. New Fiskars punches! These are revolutionary in my opinion....imagine a company that designs a punch to suit the way we actually use them! The hole faces up so you can see what you're punching - considering practically everyone turns their punches upside down for this very reason - I think this is great! But better yet, the punch actually works by squeezing handle grips...sort of like jumper cable ends...rather than pushing down on it! If you want to see a picture check out Ali Edwards' blog.
  2. Gotta love the new Wall Text from Making Memories. These are actually already in stock at my LSS - I saw them just the other day. These 8" high chipboard letters come in kits to form words like 'FAMILY', 'HOME', 'BABY' and so on and are complete with patterned paper and embellishments to decorate them. They hang right on the wall, and are removable! They are way cool! The only problem I see is if the paper/embellishments in the kit don't match your current decor. Perhaps it's an excuse to redecorate!
  3. Doodling Genies from Chatterbox. There is no question that 'doodling' is a very big trend in scrabooking right now. But if you're at all like me - you're afraid to 'doodle' on your pages because you're afraid to 'ruin' the page. So these stencils are great! Now you can doodle like a pro!

On the flip side....

Now it might be just me, but I just don't get the new date stamp from Fontwerks. (You can see the design here it's in the top right corner of the photo). This was previously a digital stamp design and has gone traditional, but I just don't see a ton of uses for it. Sure, I guess it would make for an interesting page element once or twice, but can't see it being an overly versatile design that I would use over and over. I suppose whether or not I eventually buy it will depend on the price.