CTMH Fall Catalogue Now Available

Well, not quite yet, but close. The official launch date for the CTMH Fall/Winter Catalogue and Idea Book is September 1 - and that is just around the corner! As a consultant, I have had the book in my hands now for about 3 weeks, and am loving it - and it's nice to hear that it's getting rave reviews on the internet as well! There are lots of positive posts over at 2peas, there are lots of blog posts raving about it all around the net, and locally, my customers are calling specifically to get their hands on one - so it looks like this one is sure to be a hit! So...If you haven't read the highlights already - here they are!

  • 1 1/2" and 2" Font sets: There are 3 of them to choose from - Essential, Rustic and Boutique. I have been waiting eagerly for these - as they work great for scrapbook page titles. They are sold on 8"x10" sheets that fit easily in a 3-ring binder for storage - how great is that?
  • Updated B&T paper (if you're not familiar, this is the standard CTMH patterned paper assortment, B&T stands for Background & Texture) and it's fab! It's about time the assortment was updated - and better yet, it's double sided with a pattern on the front, a slightly distressed solid on the back making it that much more versatile!
  • Just Blooms Paper Flowers - CTMH's answer to those Prima Flowers that are oh so popular these days! They are currently available in two colour assortments (Pink/Purple/White and Orange/Yellow/White) and you receive a mixture of both 1" and 1 1/2" flowers in each tube - so the smallest ones are larger than most Primas!
  • Bigger Brads! Yup, 5/16" as opposed to the standard 1/8" size. They are packaged in tubes, that contain six craft jars (one for each colour). Each jar contains 35 brads. So in an assortment, you get 210 brads total - for $17.50 - and this includes their great self-storage jars and tubes. Excellent Pricing on these! The Bigger Brads are available in 5 colour palette assortments that coordinate with various seasonal CTMH colour palettes.
  • Printed Ribbons & great new Ribbon Storage! Plus, gone are the days of ordering 25 yards of one ribbon, just to get the small piece of the colour/style you need. Now you can order variety! The new 'Designer' Ribbon Rounds are available in 5 colours - and contain 4 feet each of 6 different 3/8" patterned ribbons - stripes, checks, dots etc. The 'Organdy' Ribbon Rounds contain 3 yards each of 5/8" ribbon and are available in 8 colour assortments that coordinate with each of the CTMH seasonal palettes. And if you love White - there is also a White Daisy Ribbon Round that contains 2 yards each of 5 popular ribbon styles - 3/8" organdy, 5/8" organdy, 3/8" grosgrain, 3/8" natural twill and 5/8" natural twill. And storage....Similar to the Block and Accessories Organizers, CTMH has designed a case specifically to hold the new Ribbon Rounds. What could be better than that?
  • Ribbon Slides - clear acrylic accents with words like 'Thank You", "Love" and "Precious" that have slots in each end - intended to 'slide' over your ribbon making a great card or page accent.
  • Window Charms - clear epoxy self-adhesive squares designed to add dimension and interest to your artwork.
  • Chenille Sassy Strands! Expanding on their assortment of fibers, CTMH has launched Chenille strands - currently available in only the Winter Cozy and Autumn Garden colour palettes. I presume that new colour options will be launched with each catalogue release over the upcoming year.
  • Textured Cardstock! For those fans of Bazzil papers, now you can buy textured cardstock in CTMH colours to coordinate with your inks and accents. Again, this is currently available in only the Winter Cozy and Autumn Garden palettes, but with expected line expansion over the course of the year.
  • 3 new colours in the Winter Cozy pallette - Twilight, Petal and Honey which are beautiful, but unfortunately replace some of my retiring faves...Plum Mist, Seafoam and Golden Ember
  • And of course, last but not least, 6 new My Reflections Scrapbooking Kits, 2 new My Reflections Collection Scrapbooking Kits (one of which contains a mini ink pad - is this a sign of things to come? I hope so), and 2 great Seasonal Card Kits, along with oodles and oodles of new stamp designs!

Wow! As I typed this out, it became apparent to me just how many great new things we are seeing for fall! There is definitely one of the best Idea Book launches I have seen yet!

So how can you get an Idea Book? That's easy....just email me and I'll hook you up! No Problem!