Feeling the Pressure

First of all I want to take a moment to thank Becky at pagemaps.com for placing my canvas wall art piece on her home page this month! I am deeply honoured to say the least, and my blog traffic is absolutely unfathomable as a result. There are obviously lots of you out there who love Becky's maps, and I hope that what you weren't too disappointed with what you found here after the click. I have to admit though.....with increased traffic comes increased pressure. So, just to give you something new to look at, here's a couple of simple cards I made this week. I'm trying out this new colour combo which kind of just fell together (Topiary, Vineyard Berry, Sunflower & Buttercup), and have challenged myself to create without using patterned paper. My other self-imposed challenge is to use of some of my scraps! I have committed to NOT cut another full sheet of cardstock (unless an emergency of course) until some of this scrap backlog is gone!