Trying Something New

Now, I don't have anything ready to share just yet, but I just had to tell you that I spent some time this weekend playing with my new Tombow dual-tip markers and am officially loving them! I bought 12 of the available 96 colours and they are a truly a joy to work with --- I will definately be buying more of these! I played mostly with the brush-tip and was experimenting with watercolouring. What fun! I admit it took me a while to get it figured out, but I did manage to colour a few images that I was actually impressed with once I got the technique figured out. Those of you that know me, know that I tend not to use images that have to be coloured in and I often say it's because I'm lazy. Historically, my habit is to spend a whole lot more time choosing the image, and the embellishing/finishing the project than actually stamping or embellishing the image itself. I have seen tons of beautiful work done with hand-coloured images and was most appreciative of the time that it must have taken to create such incredible pieces, but quite frankly I was not willing to take on the challenge myself. I'm realizing now though that my avoidance of colouring was not laziness per se, but rather an indication that perhaps I just didn't have the skills or tools necessary to colour an image at all. But...based on my experience this weekend with the Tombows, I am ready to admit that I may be switching it up a bit in the future. While I am still by no means an expert colourer (and probably never will be), I now feel more equipped to take on the challenge. I'm hoping to post something later today that I pull together using one of my newly watercoloured images -- because quite frankly, if I don't do something with them, my husband will think I am out of my mind. He actually asked me what I was planning to do with them -- and commented that he hoped I wasn't just going to leave them all on the 9x12 sheet of watercolour paper that I was playing with. Perhaps I'll make him a Valentine. Stay tuned!