Goody Bags

The goody bags for my daughter's birthday party are done --- pretty purses for the girls and fancy bags for the boys. Both of these designs were really quick to pull together and you can find the pattern for the 'purse' here on SCS (it's the Double Pocket Bag). Unfortunately, I can't share the pattern for the bag, as it came from an old issue of Paper Crafts magazine (date unknown, but I will attempt to find it later). I searched the project area of their website briefly to see if I couldn't find it there, but no luck. Inside each bag (both styles) are microwave popcorn packs, a mini chocolate bar, and a $5.00 gift card for a video/game rental. This is a different approach for me, as in the past I have either purchased ready-made bags, or filled small plastic bags with miscellaneous $1 store items. I hope the kids like them. All-in-all, it cost me about the same amount per bag to do it this way, but this was definately way more fun for me! I've made a lot of the "The Papercrafts Bag" over the years, but I've have always tied them closed with ribbon. Unfortunately, the micro-popcorn brand that I purchased was a wee bit too tall and this was impossible. So instead, I hunted around and found these clips that I've had for eons, and they work reasonably well to hold the bag shut in a pinch. The clip will actually give the kids easier access to the contents then the ribbon would have anyway -- so it's probably best that I had to go this route. (As a bonus, I suspect that I'll get at least 1/2 of the clips back to use again, as the kids will simply drop them on the floor!)