My Sketch Challenge

Since you all know how much I love sketches, I thought it about time that I posted a sketch challenge of my own. I hope that my sketch makes sense (after all I've never done this before) and that you will find it fun to work with. The sketch was born from my desire to scrapbook some pictures of my kids from last fall that have been calling out to me. The page is in process as I write this - with only the title and finishing touches to go, and I will post it as soon as it's photo-worthy. (This will likely be sometime tomorrow as it's getting late). For now --- here's the sketch I came up with, it's for 7 photos (although 2 are quite small and could be replaced with embellishments if you like. If you do get a chance to give this a try, please be sure to post a comment to this thread and a link back to your blog or gallery so that I can have a look at what you came up with. Have fun!