Fun with Night Photography

For the last couple of nights we've had lots of thunderstorm activity in my area. So, last night on a whim, I stepped outside with camera in hand to practice some night photography (something I struggle with). My husband thought I was crazy and just didn't 'get it', but I had fun....and that's all that matters right? As you might have experienced, night photography is tricky at the best of times, but I was trying to capture lightning --- even trickier yet as it is so unpredictable. I wasn't seeing actual bolts from where I sat, but saw lots of electric activity illuminating the clouds. All tolled I took 33 shots, and these ones are the only ones that were even remote keepers. I realize that the composition is terrible with the tops of vehicles and the hydro line in the frame, but nonetheless they look pretty cool (at least I think so). We're expecting more thunderstorms over the next few days too, so I'm going to try again for sure! Hopefully, I'll be lucky enough to catch and actual bolt next time. Perhaps I should be brave enough to venture away from the comfort of my front porch!