{Photo-A-Day} Day 9 & Day 7 (Catch Up)

Yesterday's word (Day 9) was GREEN. Now there are lots of ways to interpret this one.....the colour, the environment, emotion = envy, and even maybe sickness(?). I had lots of ideas, but admittedly took what I believe was the easy way out. I shot for colour. I knew that because summer is here, finding something green definately wouldn't be hard and I headed outside. It was a beautiful day and decided that it was a great opportunity to try out some more of the manual settings on my camera. I started in my back garden -- took a few shots of this and that but wasn't satisfied so moved out front. There isn't a great deal there, but there is a nice rose bush that was just calling out to me. Since I was focused on the green, I opted to shoot the buds rather than the flowers themselves, something I probably wouldn't normally do. Here is my best shot.

I really liked the little pop of colour in the corners and the depth of field. You can see a lot of detail in the buds which are quite interesting and quite frankly I never gave them much thought before. I took this photo with no flash, the camera set on Aperture priority, and I manually adjusted the white balance for daylight.

While I liked this shot immensely, I was having way to much fun so carried on. I ventured into my neighbour's garden (who has a much nicer garden than I, I will add) and stumbled upon this pair of birds. I think they are Doves, but I could be wrong. They are obviously young, and didn't seem to be afraid of me really so I took the opportunity to snap a few pictures of them. I even tried to take a few with the camera set to FULL manual. I was pleasantly surprised with the results too, this is the best shot.

Although I took this yesterday when I was shooting 'GREEN', I'll log it as my Day 7 photo which was a free day (no topic assigned) which I missed. I am really really proud of this one given that I went full manual settings - the first time that full manual has given me a great result. Does that mean I'm learning, or was I just lucky? I guess I'll just have to wait and see.