{Photo-A-Day} Day 8

Today's word was HOPE. We could photograph things that give us hope, someone we have hopes for, someone we hope great thing for etc. Me though, I took a slightly different approach and ended up photographing a symbol of hope (well it's a symbol at least for me anyway). A rainbow. When I read the discussion board this morning and saw today's word, many things crossed my mind, but I admit that the first thing I pictured was a rainbow. Having said that, I quickly moved on to other thoughts because I figured, what are the odds? So I snapped a few photos over the course of the day and was planning on uploading this evening when I stepped out for a few minutes. And this is what I saw. Now I know that it's not the greatest image in a photographic sense, and I admit that I took it on auto with my point and shoot (I didn't want to mess around and miss the shot entirely), but for me it's a keeper. I have never seen a double rainbow, and I don't think I have ever seen a rainbow in it's full arch. It was incredible! I took a ton of shots and have loaded the better ones to my photostream at Flickr if you want to check them out. Honestly, it was breathtaking.