{Photo-A-Day} Day 6

Today's word is Summer. And oh, when I heard this I immediately thought bare feet, popsicles, & water play. But......what I ended up shooting wasn't even close to any of these. Here it is. I call it "Preparing For First Flight".

As to how it came to be....the opportunity presented itself for me to take this photo, so I took it. I guess we sometimes just have to go with the flow. You see, this young bird left the nest for the first time today. I know this because the nest is on my back deck and we've been watching and waiting for this to happen.

It was around suppertime that he ventured out. He sat there for quite a while, getting slowly closer and closer to the edge of the deck. He finally did fly (or try to) but unfortunately I missed the take off shot. He didn't get far though since he basically landed on the grass below (about a foot down). I watched him for quite some time hopping through the grass and then attempting to fly to the top of the fence. The whole time he just looked up and squaked whenever he saw another bird. It was almost as if he was calling for help. It was kinda sad really. He's gone now -- so I assume that he managed to figure it out - or at least I hope so.

Of all the shots I took of him, I liked this one the best because he was off centre and it seemed to me to emphasize that the world was such a big place compared to him. He had so far to go and so much to learn.

Tomorrow's topic is a freebie (that is I can shoot whatever strikes me), but maybe I'll try for a more 'Summer-like' shot instead.

Enjoy your weekend!