Holy Criky! 84 photos on a Double Page Spread!

Before I went up north this weekend, I grabbed the latest issue of Canadian Scrapbooker. I didn't get a chance to look at it until this morning, and boy was I shocked......when I saw on page 81, there is a double page layout by Rachelle Sigurdson on Manitoba that contains 84 photos!!! They are mostly index sized prints -- but there are 2 larger photos AND not one, but 2 journalling spots. The pics are all taken in her garden, which looks absolutely gorgeous! This definately takes the prize in my book for the MOST photos on one layout --- by a landslide! Way to go Rachelle! Rachelle's layout is part of a magazine feature article called "Double Double please!" The article talks about how not to be overwhelmed at producing double page spreads. It's a great article, and there's lots of great pages showcased (15 in fact), but it struck me as funny. You see, I have almost always scrapped 2 page layouts -- I did so when I started scrapbooking years ago, and I do so today. So to see an article dedicated to this was a little strange for me. I suppose that there are a lot of scrapbookers who scrap single pages exclusively, and after all, that is what the magazines tend to publish for whatever reason -- but it's nice to see some double page spreads taking centre stage for a change.