And the Weekends Over......

Phew! When you pack so much into one weekend, you certainly are tired out by the time Monday rolls around. Travelling, Fishing, Biking, Visiting.....and the list goes on.

The big news is that my son believe it or not caught a 3 1/2 pound Lake Trout. It's big news because (a) he's only 8 and (b) he caught while CASTING with WORMS!. He was actually fishing for Bass -- so catching a trout instead, and such a big one at that is kind of unheard of. It was a huge surprise to everyone. He was absolutely thrilled -- we figure everyone out on the lake knew he got it, just from the screams and the squeals!
In the pic, the 3 1/2 pounder is on the left. The other one, my husband caught about 10 minutes later in the same fashion, was 2 1/2 pounds....still a great size.