{Photo-A-Day} Days 17 thru 21

Wow, I am totally behind in posting these (and I got a bit behind this last few days taking pics too). I'm all caught up now though and ready for the week ahead. Anyhow, here is the recap. Day 17 -- The word of the day is SOFT. I shot tons of different things for this one, and finally settled on this. These are baby blankets that were crocheted for my kids when they were babies, and they are sooooo soft. They love them even today to snuggle up with every once in a while. Day 18 -- The word of the day is HAPPY. Coming up with the subject was easy (my kids), but getting a decent shot of the two of them, not so simple. This is the best one. Day 19 (lucky for me was a free day) -- and I say lucky, because like I said, I was getting a bit behind with my photos. Here is my son on his new bike. Day 20 (July 5) - another free day. I just loved this shot of my daughter peeking through the back of the hay wagon. Last but not least....Day 21 (July 6) - yet another free day. Since we all can't be happy all of the time, I've chosen this shot, also of my daughter, for today. She fell, and I just happened to have camera in hand to capture this expression. {and I promise, I only took this one shot before making sure that she was okay :) which she was.....of course, it just looks much worse.}