Crude Oil for $3 a Barrel?

I've said again, and again, that I need to scrapbook more about myself -- and I mentioned Friday that I found a new challenge blog geared to just that. Well, I've done it. I have created my very first page based on the prompt....The Beginning.

I had a lot of fun pulling this together, and used a variety of online sources including the Time Capsule at dmarie.com to pull the journalling together. Unfortunately for me, the time capsule information is American, so there were a few things with respect to pricing that I had to verify elsewhere - but it wasn't too difficult.
I think the most shocking discovery for me was the price of crude oil. It was $3 a barrel in 1972 (adjusted for inflation that would be like 6 or 8 of today's dollars). If I'm not mistaken, on Friday, oil closed at around the $115 mark - which is of course the lowest that what we've seen in quite some time. Oh, how times have changed!
In case you're interested, here is a closer look at the journalling, which I computer printed on patterned paper. I used my new Cuttlebug Border Embossing Folder (which are awesome) to give it a bit of punch, and cut the title letters on the Wishblade. The paper, I thought, was a bit 70's retro looking, and while not normally 'my style', I think they suit the mood of the page.

I definately plan to continue to work through the challenges listed on the So Tell Me Your Story Blog. Since I'm a bit behind, the next one for me will be my name. I'm not sure yet how I'll tackle it, but I've got a few ideas to play with.