Crop For A Cause Fundraiser - Big Success!

I wanted to pop in and thank those of you that came out to support Titian Ministries International on Saturday at our Crop For A Cause event. Together we raised $1147 that will assist the needy in Ghana. Although we didn't quite get the number of scrappers we were hoping for, I am absolutely thrilled by the result. It also needs to be mentioned that the event couldn't have been the success that it was if it wasn't for the support we received from family, friends and local business owners. Thank- you all. I'm also pleased to report that on Saturday, Titian Ministries International announced their plans to donate 10% of the money raised at Crop For A Cause to the local foodbank in Dundas, Ontario - helping to feed needy families here at home. A wonderful idea indeed. There are still a handful of card kits left over and if you're interested in obtaining one give me a shout and we can make it happen. They are $20 a piece, and there are enough supplies (and instructions) in the pack to make 10 holiday cards. They were a big hit with all of those that made them. All proceeds from the sale of the remaining kits will also be donated to Titian Ministries International in keeping with the spirit of our event.

Because we had such a great day, believe it or not we have already started talking about what we're doing next year. That's right, we indeed have decided to make it an annual event. For those of you that attended, please let us know what you thought about Saturday's plan and also be sure to give us suggestions about how we can make it even better for 2009.

Thanks again to all of you that came out to support us, donated door prizes and food. Your participation is literally going to help feed the children in Ghana, and here at home.