Every Once in a While

you find the absolutely cutest pattern online, and have to make one 'just because' -- and that my friends is how I came to make this.

As luck would have it though....my friend's daughter is turning 'Sweet Sixteen' on Sunday and we're going to dinner. So, I will fill the gift card wallet with a card from her favourite store, fill the rest of the space in the 'shoe' with some candies and call it a day. I think she'll love it! (or at least I hope so, as I don't really want to part with it.)

If you're interested in trying this one for yourself, check out this post at Artistic Paperie where you can pick up a template. April (the site owner) has just recently started blogging again after a brief hiatus, and I for one think that's fab! She is full of great ideas, and posts some absolutely amazing art. Believe it or not, last Fall she made a pile of these shoes, and filled them with Halloween treats. I gotta say, she has a lot more patience than I do as I admit that this one was a bit tricky and picky to put together. As you can see, I did manage to get it together in the end and I think I will make at least one more of these cute containers in the near future to give as a gift - and at least one other for my daughter's room. Quite simply, she just fell in love with it as soon as she saw it - and asked me to make her one. I suppose if that's all it takes to keep my six-year-old happy, a paper shoe, I'm pretty lucky.