Is it November already?

and almost mid-month at that.

I have been a really bad blogger lately - I admit it - but life happens. To those of you that continue to visit while I'm AWAL, thanks! I even received an email from one of my readers asking if everything was okay - that was sweet.
So what's been happening? Well, where do I start. Perhaps the coolest thing going on right now is that Jessica Sprague's Stories in Hand class has started, and I've printed all my materials to assemble my binder. Today's job is to print and assemble the 'Jotter' notebook as she calls it. I'm a bit behind with the projects since I had some trouble sourcing a 6x6 D-Ring Binder, but it's all good now, I ordered it last night, and it should arrive eventually. I can't wait to get started actually using Jessica's system - I am quite excited to see how all of these pieces come together.
Secondly, I've been taking another online class over at Simplify 101 called Quick & Simple Clutter Control. I'm totally behind on this one, but plan to spend some time getting caught up over the next day or two. I figure now is the perfect time to leanr how to control clutter since we're moving into a very very busy holiday season.
Speaking of the holidays.....I've started my shopping (yay!) and I'm trying my best to get organized for the various family events. I have a breakfast, a dinner and a brunch to plan for as I am hosting all of these gatherings in a 3 day span beginning Christmas day. With this tight a schedule I need to plan plan plan.
I've been working on my digitial scrapbook album - you know the one that I've been working on for a while? One of my recent pages is up top and another double layout is below. I've been using a lot of page templates so that the whole process goes more quickly. So far so good, I've got about 15 pages done so far and the book is really starting to take shape. My original goal was to have this done and sent to print by the 15th of this month, but I don't think I'll quite make that deadline. I plan to work hard on it over the next week though - and get it sent out by the 21st. Wish me luck!
Hockey, Hockey, Hockey! Both my kids are playing again this year and the season is well underway. With a game a practice for each of them each week, I am spending A LOT of time at the arena! Last Saturday in fact I was there for more than 4 hours straight, as each of the kids played and had team photos taken. What a long day that was!
I've got a highschool reunion coming up next weekend that I'm 'mostly' looking forward to (whatever will I wear?). It'll be nice to see everyone again, but I have to admit there's a little anxiety attached to the whole thing. I'm sure that I'm not alone in feeling this way - but I'll work through it and be there with bells on as they say. I wouldn't miss it actually. I think it's going to be a lot of fun. The reunion itself doubles as a fundraiser for one of my schoolmates Haydain Neale who was injured in an accident in August 2007. Some of you may know Haydain as the lead singer of Jacksoul. His injuries were quite severe and Haydain continues to endure rehabilitative therapies. Monies raised at the reunion will be donated to assist him and his family.
On Craft Critique yesterday I reviewed the Circle Circle Dot Dot template by The Crafter's Workshop and I've got one more review scheduled to run before the end of the year. I am really enjoying this opportunity. It gives me an excuse to play with paper (like I need one!) and as anyone who knows me will attest, I love to share my opinion.
Last but not least, work is busier than ever. It's that time of year again and once I get through the crunch of the last couple of months - things will be golden. (Note I say 'if' I get through it)
That's about it for now I think. Again -- Thanks to all of you who continue to visit my blog in my absence. I truly appreciate it.