Life Can Be So Unpredictable!

That....was my Facebook status update yesterday. & Let me tell you, I meant it. There is so much going on right now. Why does everything have to come at you at once? Just to give you some idea....

  • Sadly, my grandfather passed away just over a week ago although I'm comforted by the thought that he is in my grandmother's arms once again. Together almost 60 years, they were the ultimate love story.
  • My daughter 'almost' got suspended from school --- because her immunization record wasn't up-to-date. Actually, public health didn't have record of her ever being immunized, and she's 7. With more than just a few phone calls I managed to get this mess straightened out for now, but I still need to talk to her infant physician next week. Luckily she doesn't have to get any more needles because it's all good, but still, what a pain. Grrr!
  • Another family member is now in hospital, and although things are certainly not grave nor even incredibly serious there (I don't think) - the whole situation is well, let's say odd. Sometimes our health system reacts in ways that are a complete surprise.....but then again, so do other people. Sometimes, it's just hard to keep up.
  • I've got work being thrown at me from a ton of different directions right now, and some of it oddly enough is clean-up of a job that was completed 18 months ago. That's right, I said 18 months!
  • Victoria Stafford, the 8-year-old missing girl in Woodstock is unfortunately still missing (see sidebar). Police have released little information with respect to her disappearance, and tomorrow will mark 30 days since she was last seen. Sad.
  • I've been dealing with an online hardware store for the last few weeks (although it seems like months) to get replacement hinges for my kitchen cabinets. First I ordered only the hinge part, as I figured I could use my existing plates, but no. No such luck. Then, I had to order the plates....and then add some extraneous item to my shopping cart to meet the minimum order rules.....and then once I ordered and paid, they emailed to say they were out of stock. Grrrr! Well, I'm happy to report, that I have now received the plates (yay!) and they work perfectly. I now have cabinet doors again! Phew!
  • My husband has been working on my office/scrap space and he's actually studded a couple of walls (no drywall yet). Unfortunately for him, he smashed his thumb with a hammer on Saturday and that has basically stopped him dead in his tracks (well stopped progress on this project for a bit if you know what I mean.) Hopefully he'll be back to work sooner rather than later, I'm starting to get anxious.
On the brighter side of things, the weather is finally warming up, and while we've had to deal with some rain, the grass is getting greener, and the tulips and daffodils are blooming.
Hopefully, I'll get some time to craft in the next week or two - I think I need to make some cards. My supply is getting a bit low.