My Vegetable Garden: Update #2

Since the garden is coming along nicely, I thought I would post a pic of the progress. I took these yesterday - just less than 2 weeks after I took the originals. Big difference eh? I must say that I am pleasantly surprised. The biggest change you'll notice structurally is that I've added a trellis for the cucumbers, cantaloupe and peas to climb. It was really inexpensive to make since I used electrical conduit that I got for free), and just had to buy a couple of L-Shaped fitting for the corners and the netting. I would guess that all in it was under $10. Now I know it's not the most attractive trellis ever, but it's functional. The peas are starting to grab hold and climb nicely, although the other plants are still too short to reach. Now, as I said before, I am truly a novice gardener, and I'm starting to wonder about the green onions. Should I be harvesting them? They are quite tall and full, and are actually starting to brown on the ends and fall over. I pulled one yesterday, and it was rather tasty, but the bulb on the end was still really small. I really not sure whether I should leave them and let the bulbs get a bit bigger, or if by doing so, I might lose them all together sincce they're starting to brown at the tips. Any suggestions?