A Cool New Project: KaiserCraft Advent Calendar {Part 1}

On the weekend, I snagged what I think is a very cool project kit that is just perfect for the holidays: The Advent Calendar from KaiserCraft.  It is part of their 'Beyond the Page' line - which I had never seen before.

If you're not familiar with it, this kit was released at CHA this year and contains pre-cut MDF board that when assembled looks like the picture on the right.  That photo is taken from the KaiserCraft website.  Now, I admit, that photo isn't all that exciting if taken at face value, but all of you crafty people out there will surely agree that this little gem has a ton of potential to become a really rockin' altered art piece.

Because this was more involved than most of the projects I take on (like cards or scrapbook pages), I thought I would take some pics along the way and chronicle the process right here on my blog.  So starting from the beginning.....

Here's a pic of the materials as packaged:

As you can see, the packaging is extremely basic - with all of the pieces stacked and shrink wrapped.  There are definitely no frills here, but you do get a picture of a completed sample calendar - which is cute for sure.  You can also see that they have included a sheet of chipboard numbers (zero thru 9).  I haven't checked them out yet, but I would image that you have just enough to complete the calendar as shown - it doesn't look like there are many extras, if any.

Next after unwrapping the package, and laying out all the pieces, here is what you'll see. (I took this with no flash and the lighting was poor, so please excuse the 'yellow' hue.)

Very very quickly I noticed there was one very important thing missing.......INSTRUCTIONS!  Can you believe it?  You've got a pile of MDF shapes, and no idea how to put it together.  Aye yi yi.

Are you excited to see how this all comes together?  I am.

Stay tuned for more updates as I progress through the assembly.