Ali's December Daily

Yesterday I mentioned the December Daily, by Ali Edwards.  Let me just say Wow!  What a fantabulous idea!  I love it!


Now let me say......yikes, I think I am already way behind on this one, and I'll have to do a bit more figuring out to see if I am going to be able to pull this one off.  Not only is is completely outside of my box creatively since I rarely prepare pages in advance of actually having the photos etc to go on them, but it's going to take some time (which is at a premium right now) just to get the bones of the album assembled.

The cool thing about it is that for the most part I think I could use stuff I have on hand already and don't need to purchase additional supplies - so that's a bonus.  I always need an excuse to use up supplies on hand!

I think I'll let this simmer for a day or two before I make a firm decision either way.

Check it out for yourself.  There is a ton of info on her blog from the current year, as well as loads of links to her past year's albums and a Flickr group for sharing.