Holidays in Hand

Today marks the start of the Holidays in Hand free class by Jessica Sprague.  I am totally psyched about this, because I just loved her class tagline: "Capturing the hopes, memories and wonderment of the holidays" and since I love Jessica's work, the class is bound to include some great project ideas and materials.  I really really enjoyed her Stories in Hand class a few months back although the truth is, I still haven't completely put together my Stories in Hand album.  I did however have it out this weekend and am pledging to bump it back to the top of the to-do list!

Nonetheless, as of this morning, there were still some spaces available for the Holidays in Hand class, so if you're interested, pop on over to Jessica's site and enter the promo code listed below to sign up.

Todays lesson is comprised of 3 assignments:

Assignment 1:  Write Your Holiday Values and Goals
  • I'm working on this now
Assignment 2:  Commit
  • Find a way to include at least 20 minutes of recording/writing/photographing/savoring/printing/gluing/scrapbooking/remembering/slowing down EVERY DAY in December
  • A few of the gals in the class forum are also talking about the December Daily by Ali Edwards which they are also doing.  This will apparently help them achieve their 20-minute commitment - so I'm off to Ali's blog in a few minutes to check that out too, it sounds great!
Assignment 3:  Organize
  • This one is defined as a 'bonus' assignment and Jessica has pointed us towards a great website with lots of great worksheets, articles, planners, and other printables to help us all have an Organized Christmas.  Check it out!
For me Assignment 2 is probably going to be the trickiest of the three, but its the one I'm looking most forward to!  In the grand scheme of things 20 minutes isn't a lot of time to squeeze out every day right?

Wish me Luck!