Annual Christmas Card Workshop a Huge Success!

Well, Sunday's card workshop was without a doubt the best one yet. With 21 participants, each making 25 cards - a grand total of 525 cards were created, in just 4 hours! Phew! Each gal got to choose from 5 designs and could make as many of each as they wanted to get to 25. We laid things out like a buffet, with 'stations' for each card design. All the paper materials were pre-cut and all tools/supplies/embellishments required to create each card was on the table. This was definately a different way for me to approach things, as typically my card workshops are classroom style, but suffice it to say that this worked out great and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Here's a quick look at a couple of the cards that were created: We got to play with lots of neat things including conchos, paper flowers, eyelets (and of course the Crop-A-Dial!), Fun Flock, Sandpaper & Paint among other things. Feedback has been tremendous, and hopefully we can do this again real soon. Maybe an all-occassion card workshop in the Spring? What do you think?