Paper Storage Problem Solved

So I think I've finally found the ultimate paper storage solution. Yup, that's right....storage for my 12 x 12 paper which keeps it tidy, safe from wrinkles and curls, and most importantly accessible. I've had it for quite a while now actually (several months anyway), and now that I've had time to work with it, I've decided it's definately a keeper. As you can see from the picture, it's really quite simple actually. It's a 3 drawer lateral file cabinet that I bought from Staples. Shopping with tape measure in hand, I discovered that the top 2 drawers were deep enough to house 12 x 12 paper in hanging folders. Now since hanging folders are only 9 inches or so deep, this might not immediately make sense, but with this particular unit, there is actually more than 3 inches of space above the folder rails that allows for the paper to fit. The paper does stick out of the folder of course -- but that just makes it easier for me to see what I've got. Here's a picture of an open drawer so you can see what I mean. Inside, I have patterned paper (kits and single sheets) in folders organized by colour. I use the ROYGBIV mnemonic to sort. (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet), with folders in front to house scraps! As I said, I've been working with it this way for several months now and it definately works for me. I can see exactly what I have, everything is safe from damage, and it is CLOSED storage, thus is just a whole lot nicer to look at than my old wire cube shelves. I don't keep cardstock in there though as I like to keep this on my desk in Cropper Hopper vertical storage units. Again, I sort cardstock by ROGYBIV, and this makes it really easy to select colours that match my photos -- and because I use so much of it, I want to keep it literally within arms reach. Stay tuned to here more about how I organize my stuff. We're soon to be renovating our basement and I'll have a great space to call my own and I want it to both look great and be functional. It's funny when my stuff is organized and my table is clear, it calls out to me to get creative. My goal as I design my space is to come up with storage solutions that will minimize clutter and help me to keep things tidy. If you have a great storage solution for me....don't be shy, do share.