My Big News for Monday!

I've been selected for a six month position as a Staff Reporter for Craft Critique and I am sooooo excited! You all know how I love to give you my opinion on things.....and now I get to do it officially! {Smile} My term starts April 1st and runs through the end of September. I for one am a big fan of this site - and it's the first place I go to get information about products I might be looking to try or buy. So be sure to pop on over and check it out. You can get un-biased opinions on all of the latest and greatest stamp & scrap supplies out there. I am one of 15 new staff reporters recently signed and you can view the whole list here. There is a lot of talent in this group (check out their blogs) and I am just honoured to have been chosen among them. This is going to be so much fun!