{Photo-A-Day} Challenge

In my quest to improve my photography skills and get to know my camera a bit better, I have joined a group on Flickr, the ACB Photo-A-Day Challenge. I'm a bit behind as they began the challenge on Monday, but I'm going to try to catch up. The idea behind the challenge is that there is a 'word' posted to the group each day and we need to take a picture that somehow pertains to that word. We can interpret the word any way that we want. It is meant only as a launching point so that we're not wandering around aimlessly, camera in hand looking for a photo op. Photoshopping of pics is not permitted since the whole idea behind the challenge is to learn to take better pictures -- and each week there is focus on a specific type of photography (e.g. macro) or a specific skill (e.g. composition). The focus for this week is COMPOSITION. Today is Day 4 and today's word is GO! Here's my photo.

The weather (and my morning coffee) were the first things that came to me when I read the word *GO*. Since the weather plays such a heavy hand in how the day is going to play out it seemed fitting to me. (and of course I can't GO anywhere without my morning java).

I shot this with my camera on manual (aperture priority) mode with no flash (something I admit I don't do very often), and I went for a fairly tight shot with the weather being 'in focus' -- although I'm not sure that I achieved my vision 100%. As you can see from the forecast it's cloudy today and I think that had it been brighter I might have gotten something a little better. I am lucky enough to have a skylight in my kitchen and on bright sunny mornings it just seems so cheery.

All in all it was a neat experience, and I'm looking forward to not only catching up on the days that I missed, but I'm also definately anxious to see what the word is for tomorrow. I think this could be addicting.