{Photo-A-Day} Challenge (Catch-Up) DAY 3

The word for Day 3 (which I missed) was "Smooth". Now nothing in this picture is particularly smooth (it is quite lumpy in fact), but it's my interpretation of Smooth nonetheless. I was sitting at my sister's last night and for whatever reason spent a great deal of time watching her fish. I found myself thinking how strange it was that things that are so rough (if you were to actually touch them) can move so smoothly and fluidly through the water. Then the lightbulb went on.....I had found my SMOOTH picture without even looking for it.

The composition is definately not perfect, and if I was to photoshop it, I would crop out the tubes on the right hand side -- but of course, for this challenge, cropping is not permitted. The one thing I did learn though is that I need to be more conscious of what is at the very edge of my frame. As soon as I reviewed it I saw it right away and tried to get a similar shot - without the tubes. Unfortunately the big fish just wouldn't cooperate and come back to centre stage.

So for the purpose of the challenge I'm happy with it, but just for fun - here's a cropped version because I just couldn't help myself. Smiles!