Summer is Just Around The Corner

Wow! Time really does fly right on by doesn't it? I am stunned to realize that the kids are done school exactly one week today. While I of course look forward to the kids being home full time in the Summer months, it also makes me feel a little bit unsettled. I know how crazy things get around here on weekends when everyone is kicking around doing their own thing, and how much work it usually is for me to try to maintain some semblence of order around here and to get everything ready for the week ahead. So I'm definately worried about how we're going to manage being home all week too. In the hopes that this will spur some action on my part to somehow organize the pending chaos, I am right now publicly declaring that:

"Maintaining order is not & will not be my sole responsibility."

There, I said it. Now what? I guess I have to come up with some sort of action plan so that I can follow through. Any suggestions?