Wanna See More Templates?

Much to my surprise, my blog traffic has been at an all-time high since Tuesday & I don't think it's a coincidence that Tuesday was also the day that I loaded the 3x3 Box and Envelope Templates. I can see from my account at 4shared that there's been a lot of downloading going on - and I hope that this service hasn't given anyone any grief. One kind commenter did confirm that you do not need to login or register with 4shared to execute my downloads so that's great news! (Thank Sharon!) Just what I was hoping for. So since the templates seem popular, I am going to try to load more of them - does that sound like a good idea? I have certainly created and collected lots of them over the years - so it's time I shared the wealth so to speak if I can. I will of course need to get permission from the original source(s) if they are not my own designs but hopefully that won't be a big problem. I think I'll aim for Tuesdays as load day (Template Tuesday anyone?). I can't promise that there will be a new one every Tuesday because I'm the first one to admit that life happens, but I'll do my best.