Stores In Hand! A Great Class

For those of you that are lucky enough to have registered in and are taking this class you'll know exactly what I'm talking about when I say that it ROCKS! Not only did Jessica provide the foundation for us to create a way cute little Stories in Hand album complete with memory sparks (or prompts), but I actually just completed my first story and it was in a word EXHILARATING! I admit that I'm a bit behind since I should be on story #2, but I'm not stressing. The system that Jessica has put together is one that is meant to be kept literally forever, simply adding to it as time goes on. Note: I do plan to share my album here, but I'm still waiting for my American Crafts album that I ordered online to arrive. I have all of the pages printed and ready to go, but it's not assembled yet. For me, the idea of writing or capturing my story is particularly intriguing since I am a family historian by nature - and have spent many many hours researching my family's past. While I have found many 'facts' about my ancestors - when they lived, where they lived and so on, I have always felt that missing from their story was 'how' they lived. I am hoping that by working through Jessica's Stories in Hand progam, I can capture my 'how' and maybe someday, someone will be interested in reading it. If no-one ever reads it though, I'm okay with that, since I can already tell that the trips that I am taking and will continue to take down memory lane are as I said, EXHILARATING! Thanks Jessica for inspiring us!