{Photo-A-Day} Catch up Day 15 and a RAK

The word for Day 15 was ROUND. I missed taking my photo on the actual day, but I took this one yesterday instead. It's a really weird onion (at least I think it's weird since I'm not a gardener) that grows at my in-laws farm. I'm fairly certain it's not a green onion as I suspect the bulb part of those plants grows 'in' the ground, and I'm almost positive that it's not a cooking onion -- so while I can't identify it, I thought the shape was really fabulous.

Our focus this week is on lighting, and I think I got some really neat high and low light in this one too -- from the shadowed area near the bottom centre of the onion clump, to the shiny area on the outstretched 'limb'. {I am having waaay too much fun!}

BONUS: If you can identify this onion for me -- leave me a comment here and you'll get a RAK from me in the mail.