Updating the "List"

It's been a while since I had a look at the "List" and since I think I've actually made some progress on it, I figured it was near time that I updated it.

Here is the original list with my updates italicized (is that how you spell that?) in pink and my 'new' items are in blue.

  1. Make a 'We Are' Photo Book or Scrapbook like this one by Angie Pederson Make an 'About Me' layout that lists 35 things about me (obviously) at 35.
  2. Make an layout about what life is like today -- prices, fashions, maybe what's hot and what's not.
  3. Make a layout similar to #3, but looking back at the year I was born. This one is done! You can see it here.
  4. Organize more of my photos into pocket style albums for easy access. I started a while back but need to get back to it. While I'll never truly be able to cross this one off since I take more and more photos every day, I've actually spent some time on this lately and have gotten at least a little caught up. If you're not familiar with my rationale - I got this suggestion from the book Photo Freedom by Stacy Julian. She recommends placing the photos you haven't scrapbooked yet in pocket style albums organized chronologically so you can easily flip through them (without damaging them) and find them when need them. Believe it or not, this actually works! All of the photos you still need to deal with are literally just a page flip away! This definately beats having to sift through envelopes, boxes and drawers!
  5. Scrapbook more about myself! Like so many scrapbookers, I tend to focus on scrapbooking my children, my family, but have few, if any pages dedicated to just me. I recently made a digi-page which will be the title page of my About Me album. Progress on this one is definately slower than I would have liked, but it'll be done eventually. I have faith!
  6. Cut some wall words for my family room. (I've actually just ordered the vinyl so this should be moving to the top of the list soon.) The vinyl has arrived (actually quite a while ago) and well...that's about as far as I've gotten here. I've surfed around looking for ideas, but have yet to decide exactly what I want to cut. If you too are looking for vinyl ideas, pop on over here to YouSaidIt.ca or WallWords.com
  7. Move my photos from the computer I use everyday to my media machine and save them to the external hard drive for backup. {This is soooo important, and I should really commit to doing it more frequently. I would be heartbroken if I lost a lot of the pics that I've taken and haven't even printed yet.} Done! Well as done as it can be at this point.....
  8. Organize my kids reports cards, certificates, work samples etc. into binders of some sort. My sister has this incredible system for housing all of this important info -- and me, well the stuff is kind of everywhere and needs to be centralized.
  9. Experiment more with digi-scrapping. I've said before that I believe I would miss the tactile nature of the paper-based form and I still believe this to be true although the more I see digital art, the more intrigued I am with experimenting myself. I've actually posted quite a few layouts here on my blog in the last several months so this is going well. My plan is to make a gift album for Christmas -- I better keep working on it though, since believe it or not I'm running out of time.
  10. Work through this list of 174 ideas for scrapbook layouts and see how many of them I am able to complete. (Thanks April for giving me this link).
  11. Make more of the 3x3 gift card and box sets to have on hand when I need a little something for someone.
  12. Family portrait.
  13. Donate more cards to the my grandfather's retirement home in the fall (and include some holiday cards!) This is actually on my to-do list for this weekend! The old folks that he lives with absolutely LOVED the last bunch - so with the holidays quickly approaching it's time to send some more.
  14. Make 2 more paper 'shoes' - one for my daughter, and one for a business associate that I 'owe' bigtime!
  15. Put together a "Week In The Life Album" like this one by Ali Edwards - I admit this isn't going to be a huge priority, but it certainly looks like fun!
  16. Start my Christmas Shopping!!!! I know this isn't craft related, but it needs to be on the list nonetheless.

And I know there's more....but I forgot to write them down! Wish me luck in remembering!